Our history

In 1990 a team of enthusiasts from among employees and students of the Academy of Civil Aviation in Leningrad, inspired by the opportunities occurred to carry on an independent business, set up small business enterprise focused on implementation of information technologies in aviation-related equipment.

Personal computers and software development tools appeared at the market and offered an opportunity to solve various automation tasks in aviation companies: inventory databases, training and testing software, LANs, personnel inventory programs and automation of flexible work scheduling, various libraries and reference systems. Air Traffic Control was chosen as the main field of business since it was the main professional qualification of the founders. First product successfully delivered to ATC services was individual runway controller training device. Before implementation of this trainer the ATC controllers from all regions of the country had been obliged to take training and retraining courses in education institutions and training centers of Civil Aviation only. Specialism and development of simulation technologies allowed the team to launch production of real visual systems, recording systems, flight data processing and air traffic control systems. Main systems for ATC services were developed, certified and put in serial production for a short period of time: Nord air traffic display system, Granit recorder, automation systems: Planeta flight data processing system and Alpha air traffic control system, Ladoga data transmission system, Pult-A series of consoles, and Metronom precise timing system.

Due to economic crisis in the beginning of 1990s and breakup of the USSR there was a critical situation in aviation enterprises concerned with operation and repair of outdated equipment that had not been produced any more. In 1999 the State Authority of Civil Aviation entrusted NITA to provide wide-scale upgrade of technical equipment of the ATC units. It took 6 months to upgrade 23 ATC centers; at that ATC controllers and engineers received up-to-date tools based on hardware-software solution. The main task was solved – to prevent retrogression of safety of flights due to lack of air traffic control facilities in area and airport centers of medium and high intensity of flights. In 2000 it took 9 months to upgrade 26 airports more.

Further period was marked by development of business in the field of voice communication, flight simulators and multimedia linguistic training, ICAO CNS/ATM technologies, flight management for state aviation, datalinks, and control for air targets, mobile solutions for small airfields, heliports, etc.

By 2003 basing on developed products NITA built first domestic Air Traffic Management system – Alpha, and introduced it in Magadan ATC center. Today NITA comprises design bureau working for research and development; pilot-line and serial production including electronics production areas and assembly factory; installation and customer support service, project department, training center, and other production and support divisions.

Since 2008 NITA has developing new line of business – integrated design of new and reconstructed aerodromes, heliports at any level of complexity.