Company Today

The Company comprises software laboratories, microprocessor laboratory, radio laboratory, flight simulators division, project department, design bureau, production control department, quality control department, customer support service, advertising and publishing department, administration and support departments, etc. The Company employs more than 300 specialists. DSC_0465.JPG

Facilities and equipment in NITA’s possession as well as highly qualified personnel enable solution of tasks of various complexities: 
  • development
  • science research
  • designing
  • experimental development
  • production
  • delivery
  • introduction
  • repair and maintenance

Key lines of business: 
Solutions for Air Traffic Control centers
Navigation, communication and ADS-B surveillance solutions (CNS/ATM)
Design of buildings and radio and communication facilities elektr.jpg  Simulation and training technologies
Production and construction of modular objects (including mobile solutions)
Multi-purpose hardware and software

For the purpose of production NITA performs:
  • science research
  • experimental design
  • development
  • serial and pilot production
  • installation and adjustment work for commissioning
  • technical support, maintenance, repair and upgrade
  • information protection arrangements
  • operator training for maintenance
  • system integratin

NITA is licensed for development, production, and repair of aviation-related equipment including double-application equipment (military and civil) and of armament and military engineering. There are certificates for the development of information security facilities, and for design work to construct buildings and structures. All product developed by NITA are certified by Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC). The quality management system is certified according to ISO-9001:2008 standard.  1 разработка прог обес_1.JPG IMG_5066.JPG7 конструктарский отд.JPG