ALPHA АТМ system
ALPHA АТМ system is designed to service for flights safety and to increase efficiency of flights in termiinal areas, en-route and out of airways and in airspace of high and medium air traffiic intensity bу means of automation of flight data processing and air traffic control basing on automatic gathering, processing and display of information derived from primary and secondary enroute radars, ADS systems, automatic direction finders, flight plan data, weather data and messages.
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ALPHA АTC system
ALPHA Аir Traffic Control system is а multi-purpose system to еnablе control at all stages of flight including takeoff, climb, approach, and control along the whole route. lt is designed for АТС centers in high and medium air traffic intensity environment . 
The system provides receipt, processing, displaying and integration of air situation, flight data, weather and navigation data for air traffic control workstations. Analysis of air traffic situation, АТС procedures, and console operations аrе fully automated.
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PLANETA Flight Data Processing (FDP) system designed for zone and enlarged Air Traffic Control centers, terminal and airport information systems is one of the main products made by NITA.
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More than 10 years NITA has been producing digital voice communication switching systems. One of the most demanded products is MEGAPHONE system. It is designed for ground speakerphone and telephone communications, control of radio communication with airborne and ground objects. MEGAPHONE is the first complete digital voice communication system designed in Russia.

The system is based on unified microcontrollers combined into one IP network. Therefore, “one processor for one line” concept is used. Totally the system may include 1536 controllers, each of them works for particular workstation or external interface.
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The recording system is one of the first products made by NITA and at the same time the most demanded by the customers. 

GRANIT recorder is designed for continuous recording of negotiations, system and technical information and data on digital and analog channels to provide monitoring of ATC automated system and other services and objects. As recording subsystem GRANIT is included into ALPHA ATM system.
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Broadcast Automation Facilities Complex “Automated weather Information System” (AMETIST) (BAFC AMETIST) is the station of information broadcasting of ATIS /VOLMET class designed for the purpose of automation of process of airspace users provision with the latest updates on actual weather, aeronautical information and additional data for take-off and landing at the aerodrome, as well to provide information on current and forecast weather conditions for alternate aerodromes.
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NORD system is intended to process and display radar and direction finding data, maps, flight plan data and weather information. 
The system is designed for area control and terminal centers, and air traffic control (ATC) centers and units not equipped with automated ATC systems, including mobile Towers. 
NORD can be integrated with radars, ADS systems, direction finders, short-range navigation radio system, airfield weather systems, AFTN data links, etc.
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LADOGA system is designed for transmission of radar, direction finding, voice, and control information. The system is a set of hardware and software components intended for acquisition, processing, and transmission of data derived from radars, direction finders, and transceiver centers on communication lines to ATC centers, and for data exchange between ATC centers.
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CONSULTANT system is designed to provide reference information for airmen, and to enable generation of unified electronic libraries with the integration of existing data bases, as well as to produce corporate and individual reference books.
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METRONOM precise timing system is designed to provide universal time for ATM systems, other digital systems, and highly precise time synchronization. 

It is recommended by the Ministry of Transportation of Russian Federation for civil aviation enterprises. The system is certified by the Interstate Aviation Committee. 

METRONOM is operated in more than 80 ATC centers and airports.
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