AMetISt ATIS complexes for SE “Kyrgyzaeronavigatsiya”

  • AMetISt ATIS complexes for SE “Kyrgyzaeronavigatsiya”

AMetISt ATIS complexes supply project in Kyrgyzstan is completed. As part of the project Bishkek (Manas airport) and Osh branches of SE “Kyrgyzaeronavigatsiya” have been supplied with AMetISt equipment in ATIS configuration which provides for receipt, processing and transfer of weather and actual data to airspace users in accordance with international and government regulations.

The equipment which has been operated on sites previously enabled only recording of operator voice ATIS report followed by cyclic data broadcasting. The supply of new modern broadcasting complex AMetISt will enable to substantially simplify the process of ATIS reports generation and issuing due to the process automation as well as will provide for correctness and compliance with procedure of summary reports issue.

It should be noted that NITA, LLC equipment is already operated in the branches as part of ALPHA ATM System. In Bishkek in includes: ALPHA ATC System, PLANETA FDP System, MEGAPHONE VCSS, LADOGA Data Distribution System, METRONOM Precise Timing System, CONSULTANT Reference System; GRANIT Recorder supply is under preparation, besides the Consoles of PULT-A Series and EXPERT ATC Simulator are used. As regards Osh, NORD Data Display System and LADOGA Data Distribution System are in operation for more than 5 years there, GRANIT Recorder, METRONOM Precise Timing System, EXPERT ATC Simulator and Tower console of PULT-A series supply project is underway.

AMetISt ATIS complex is operating in the mode of data exchange with AIS “MeteoServer” automated system, ALPHA ATC System and METRONOM Precise Timing System providing for automated receipt, processing, generation of weather reports in due formats and their broadcasting and display at the workstations of ATC and meteorological service staff.

The supply of ATIS complexes confirms the high level of confidence in NITA, LLC equipment and Kyrgyz partners’ recognition of its compliance with the highest global standards.