AMetISt ATIS/VOLMET complex for Far-East Air Navigation

  • AMetISt ATIS/VOLMET complex for Far-East Air Navigation

The broadcast facilities have been commissioned in Sakhalin and Nikolayevsk-on-Amur ATC centres.

The equipment of the system is installed at both sites in ATIS configuration enabling automated transmission of weather and actual data to aerodromes for arriving and departing aircrafts. 

AMetISt ATIS/VOLMET complex in Nikolayevsk-on-Amur ATC centre has replaced worn-out and obsolete equipment using microphone into which a speaker (a weather observer) was reading the observed actual weather for periodical on-air broadcasting. AMetISt enables automated reports generation and issuing as well as their correctness and issue procedure monitoring. 

AMetISt was installed in Sakhalin ATC centre to replace ATIS produced by CSTR Eleron. Unlike its predecessor the new equipment offers the possibility to generate reports using speech synthesizer. The ATIS/VOLMET complex is interfaced with ALPHA ATC System, METRONOM Precise Timing System and AMIS-RF Automatic Weather Observing System. 

No time zones difference or difficulties in acclimatization and adaptation influenced the quality of work performed by the team. The project target date has been met.