ATC Simulator is upgraded in Nizhnevartovsk ATC Centre

  • ATC Simulator is upgraded in Nizhnevartovsk ATC Centre
EXPERT ATC Simulator has been essentially upgraded in Nizhnevartovsk by order of “North Siberia Air Navigation” Branch.
The simulator comprises module for radar controller training designed for 2 controllers and 2 pseudo-pilots as well as module to train Tower controllers with visualization system.
In the course of upgrading the following works were performed on software update, modernization and extension of hardware:
- software was updated taking into account modern functionality in line with ALPHA-3 ATC System version operated in the centre as well as the requirements to application of new horizontal separation standards;
- controlled airspace structure of ATC centre is updated taking into account implementation of RNAV functionality;
- visualization system is replaced with LCD-panels being installed and surveillance area extended from 120 to 180 degrees providing complete coverage of apron;
- 3D scene of aerodrome territory was updated with due account of actual situation;
- lighting equipment control simulator was installed;
- regular voice communication system was assembled totally simulating the real one based on MEGAPHONE VCSS;
- new Tower controller console was installed;
- system server was installed including centralized uninterruptible power supply;
- supervisor video surveillance over the activity of Tower controller was provided.
ATC Simulator in Nizhnevartovsk ATC Centre is operated at full capacity considering aerodrome peculiarity where all aircraft weight categories flights are operated from small to the heaviest ones. ATM/ATC procedures in Airline Hub Control Centre assume substantial peculiarities due to joint flights.
ATC simulator upgrade provided new training and competence development capabilities for ATC staff.