ATIS / VOLMET systems installed in Kazaeronavigatsia

  • ATIS / VOLMET systems installed in Kazaeronavigatsia
NITA, LLC completed site acceptance testing of 9 AMetISt ATIS/VOLMET systems in ATC centres of Republican State Enterprise "Kazaeronavigatsia" Republic of Kazakhstan on December 26, 2016.
The systems provides for automated generation of ATIS/ VOLMET reports based on data interaction with weather equipment.
Aerodrome weather data sources are KRAMS stations produced by JSC “IRAM”. The reports can also be generated manually by an operator.
The sound generation is effected using glossary being pre-recorded by means of speech synthesizer which eliminates possible errors at broadcasting. Broadcasting is carried out both in English and in Russian.
Phonograms recording function using speaker voice is available.
Broadcasting is performed by voice channels: VHF radio communication, phone communication – data output to АТS. In addition, the reports generation in D-ATIS/ D-VOLMET formats is provided to be outputted on request of aircraft crews by FANS-1/A и ATN network channels.
Time synchronization by GNSS GPS/GLONASS is provided in the stations. ATIS/ VOLMET reports are output to controllers and operators displays as well as to ATC Automated System.
Positive reference of staff is received on the functionality of the systems based on the results of the acceptance.