EXPERT ATC Simulator is commissioned in Ankara

  • EXPERT ATC Simulator is commissioned in Ankara

The upgraded EXPERT ATC Simulator produced by NITA, LLC (Saint Petersburg) has been commissioned in the Training Centre of General Directorate of State Airports Authority of Turkey in Esenboğa Airport (Ankara).

The simulation system configuration comprises 2 modules: radar control module and tower module with 360 degrees visualization. 8 sectors including ATCO workstations displaying radar, FDP and aerodrome information with 1 supervisor position have been arranged to simulate work of radar control staff with 8 pseudo-pilot workstations being engaged. The work at tower is simulated using visualization system based on 360 degrees projection system. The workstations consist of 5 positions for radar control and ground tracking of aircrafts which operation is provided by 4 pseudo-pilots. There is a total of 43 radar control module workstations and 12 tower module workstations in the software and hardware system. The software enables simulation system setting for any of 8 Turkey’s large airports. DHMI simulation system is operated on a double-shift basis and provides for initial training of 400 students as well as qualification upgrading of more than 1000 professionals a year.

The new software version of the simulator enables efficient initial training, comprehensive practices and evaluation of degree of competence of the acting controller staff.
The simulation system was highly praised by the customer due to a number of new capabilities improving efficiency of training and practices. The voice communication system based on MEGAPHONE VCSS improved according to customer’s wishes and enabling simulation of radio communication channels therewith providing for participation of instructors has been particularly noted.

As part of simulator upgrade the class for completed training analysis has been additionally installed allowing for results displaying to the screen. In the course of training the recording is effected enabling exercises playback in time with voice over communication system which allows for monitoring and analysis of training and practices process.

Instructing and teaching staff of the Customer has been trained and certified for work with the upgraded simulator.

EXPERT ATC Simulator in Ankara has been operated since 2008 and is one of the largest ones in the series of simulators supplied to educational institutions in line with SPBGU GA, Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute and Krasnoyarsk Civil Aviation Aeronautical Technical College in Russia.

NITA, LLC continues working on improvement of controller training systems including new programs and methods of training and monitoring of knowledge in general and aviation English language as well as testing according to ICAO scale.

The issue of Aviation English Expert program and methodical complex is scheduled for 2017-2018 designed for controller training as to radio communication in English using EXPERT ATC Simulator resource.