Upgrade project for Astrakhan ATM Centre

  • Upgrade project for Astrakhan ATM Centre
  • Upgrade project for Astrakhan ATM Centre
  • Upgrade project for Astrakhan ATM Centre

Comprehensive retrofit project included hardware replacement and the upgrade of software of ALPHA ATC System, MEGAPHONE VCSS, GRANIT Recorder, METRONOM Precise Timing System and EXPERT ATC Simulator to comply with requirements to application of new horizontal separation standards (NGE-2015). 

ATC system hardware has been replaced and 10 workstations have been supplied. The system software is upgraded taking into account modern functionality as well as compliance with NGE-2015. The system reliability has been improved and automation has been unlevelled with the new functionality due to implementation of the electronic data interchange in non-radar control at ATC System version 3.

Special software of MEGAPHONE VCSS operated in the centre is upgraded up to version 3. Besides hardware is renovated including 36 interface modules and 12 sets of workstation equipment. Owing to the upgrades the communication system functionality has reached a new level and its maintainability have been considerably increased.

GRANIT Recorder is improved with regard to software recording FDP data, weather data and the data on controller’s actions. The system functionality is extended to comply with new separation standards requirements.

METRONOM Precise Timing System is fully modernized with hardware replacement and software improvement.

Among other things the radar module of EXPERT ATC Simulator has been renewed. Two controller workstations and 2 supervisor workstations have been supplied and the simulator functionality has been refined to provide full conformance to ATC system and VCSS operated in the centre.

It is noteworthy that the hardware of all the systems has been operated in the centre for more than 10 years and most certainly required for soonest replacement. 

Actually, as a result of the upgrade, Astrakhan ATC Centre has received new modern complexes, which considerably improves efficiency of air traffic control within the responsibility area.