World ATM Congress 2017

  • World ATM Congress 2017

The flagship international exhibition in the field of Air Traffic Management - World ATM Congress, gathers pace every year. WATMC 2017 has been attended by record-breaking 7,757 registered visitors and 230 exhibitors from 131 countries.

Business program of the event included more than 120 hours of conferences, workshops, presentations, and briefings that took place at five arenas. According to President of ATCA Peter F. Dumont "The event furnishes the attendees with first-hand information necessary to provide safety of air traffic, business development, and career progression. World ATM Congress consolidates industry, governmental agencies, academic community, and forward-minded users from all over the world in order to expand, as well as to increase safety and efficiency of global airspace. In the course of aviation industry modernization World ATM Congress became fertile ground for negotiations and technologies to form aviation for long years to come".

At the exhibition NITA was represented by new attractive booth duly appreciated by guests, exhibitors, and the exhibition promoters. Main line of exposition represented participation in generation of consolidated UATMS centers in Russian Federation. The work for consolidated centers is covered by the Federal Task Program of UATMS Modernization in Russian Federation in 2009 - 2020. Participation in the Program enabled NITA to implement its latest solutions in the field of ATM automation.

The exhibit attracted visitors and exhibitors at the stand was ATC controller workstation equipped as delivered to consolidated ATM centers including: automation systems, communication, recording systems, and reference system with Vitrazh module.

The console is provided with adjustment mechanism to set individual displays tilt angles. Original design of the console including metal, plastic, and glass, enabled review and opportunity to look at real equipment and high-end installation of hardware.

Keen interest of the visitors was aroused by virtual tour around consolidated ATM centers demonstrated in details all technical solutions applied by NITA during projects implementation.

During 3 days of the show the company stand was the place of meetings with ATC service providers, and of negotiations with representatives of some exhibitor companies of World ATM Congress for promising trends of cooperation.

NITA employees actively participated in the conferences and discussions held at WATMC 2017.

NITA honorably represented air navigation industry of Russia at this significant international venue.