Topographical survey at aerodromes and heliports is the measurement and calculation suite, providing finding of exact location of aeronautic navigation references in compliance with regulatory documents of RF, ICAO and Eurocontrol.   

NITA, LLC renders services on aeronautical information preparation for aerodromes and heliports on the basis of geodetic survey of any complexity and extent. 

Geodetic survey is carried out by top-ranked specialists using up-to-date measuring tools and computing facilities, fitted with modern computer programs.

The works are performed within shortest time with high extent of responsibility for the results. The performance efficiency of geodesists is achieved due to accurate coordination and planning of activity, trough advanced technologies.

Kinds of geodetic works for aerodromes

·    Range of geodetic works on aeronautical information preparation in ПЗ-90.02 and WGS-84 coordinates
·    Satellite high-accuracy geodetic observations in real-time mode and with post processing
·    Geodetic satellite measurements of aeronautic navigation references in accordance with the ICAO requirements
·    Preparation of geodetic data for air navigation aerodrome certificate (ANAC)
·    Creation of digital terrain models and obstruction models in accordance with Annex 15 ICAO 

The amendments are performed using GLONASS /GPS-equipment to a maximum tolerance of 10 mm + 1 ppm. The processing of measurement results is carried out using Trimble Business Center software.

The results are provided in the form of report, check list of obstructions and flowcharts as hardcopies and in electronic format.


In design

Geodetic survey package aimed to receive basic data for new aerodrome/ heliport project planning or for modernization of the existing one.

Stages of geodetic survey:

·    preliminary stage (topographic mapping of 1 : 5 000 scale)
·    design solutions implementation (topographic mapping of 1 : 2 000, 1 : 1 000, 1 : 500 scales)

Development of geodetic base for airport general layout:

·    air and overland observation of target area
·    development of planimetric and altimetric base
·    comprehensive survey of estimated site of the whole airport buildings and constructions complex including underground facilities and utility piping
·    performance of special geodetic observations and geodetic tie of significant points
·    land-use planning and cadastral work

In construction (reconstruction) of airfield elements

Standard package of geodetic works for construction (reconstruction) of buildings and constructions:

·    updating of location of existing utility lines
·    setting out and monitoring of geodetic parameters of established underground facilities and utility piping
·    performance correction of designed target utility piping
·    surface planning
·    setting out of drainage systems
·    geodetic control of building

In operation

Provision of operating teams with:

·    geodetic data on investigations connected with estimation of airfield pavement surface roughness
·    data on altitude values of air navigation reference points and obstacles at the airfield and at aerodrome environs
·    electronic layout of airport for air-traffic control and for transport vehicle control
·    creation of Geographical Information System (GIS) 
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