NITA, LLC holds workshops and conducts training on the peculiarities of operation of the following produced items: 
·    ALPHA ATM system; 
·    ALPHA ATC System;
·    NORD Data Display System;
·    EXPERT ATC Simulator;
·    PLANETA Automation Facilities Complex for Airspace Exploitation Planning; 
·    GRANIT Recorder;
·    LADOGA Data Communication System and LADOGA-IS Information Server;
·    SFERA Information Protection Software, etc. 

The key personnel of NITA, LLC is involved in workshops holding and training conducting. 

The trainees are provided with teaching aids, multimedia and reference sources. In the course of training undergoing the trainees have the opportunity to study the latest amendments in products operating documentation. 

The classroom is equipped with training simulators of NITA, LLC products for practical and laboratory-based work. The available forms of training conducting are off-job and on-job training. The branded certificate shall be issued subsequent to training. 

As a result of training the trainees shall get:
·    general information on the system structure and system operating principles;
·    information on operation of head-end equipment;
·    information on operation of interface equipment;
·    information on operation of workstation equipment;
·    information on equipment switching on and shutdown sequence;
·    information on means and methods to control equipment condition and equipment operating modes;
·    information on faults searching order and system restoring methods;
·    information on adjustable system parameters and on setting rules. 

 Please, use the following form to make an application for workshop: 
·    company, 
·    product (s), 
·    q-ty of trainees, 
·    staff (engineering and technical personnel, traffic control personnel), 
·    form of conducting (off-job and on-job training), 
·    desirable terms.